Oracle 1Z0-068 ExamOracle Database 12c: RAC and Grid Infrastructure Administration

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Q31. Which three statements are true concerning policy-based cluster management in Oracle 12c Clusterware? 

A. Server Pools must be managed with the crsctl utility for servers hosting an application or otheradministrator-defined high-availability resource. 

B. All servers in a new cluster installation belong to the generic server pool. 

C. The server pool contains servers that host administrator-defined high availability resources. 

D. Server pools must be managed with the srvctl utility for servers hosting a database. 

E. All servers in a new cluster installation belong to the free server pool. 

Answer: B,D,E 

Q32. Which three statements are true concerning the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) in a RAC environment? 

A. Taking an AWR snapshot in a RAC database captures data from all instances that have the databaseopened. 

B. Taking an AWR snapshot in a RAC database captures data from the local instance only. 

C. Data captured by an AWR is aggregated across all instances before being stored in the database. 

D. The awr_snapshot_time_offset parameter specifies the number of seconds each instance waits after thetop of the hour before taking its AWR snapshot. 

E. AWR snapshots are created when control_management_pack_access is set to “none” 

Answer: C,D,E 

Q33. PROD1, PROD2 and PROD3 are three active instances of the PROD database. 

Examine these commands executed on PROD1: 


Which statement is true? 

A. PARALLEL_MIN_SERVERS will be 200 for all instances of PROD. 

B. PARALLEL_MIN_SERVERS will be 100 for all instances of PROD. 

C. The second statement returns an error because this parameter must be identical for all isntances. 

D. PARALLEL_MIN_SERVERS will be 200 for PROD2 and PROD3 and 100 for PROD1. 


Q34. Which two statements are true about ASM alias names? 

A. ASM files created using an alias name are not OMF files even if OMF is enabled. 

B. Alias file names cannot be used together with templates when creating tablespaces. 

C. ASM files created using an alias name are OMF files even if OMF is not enabled. 

D. Alias names can be stored only in user-defined directories. 

E. ASM files created using an alias name also have a fully qualified name and can be accessed by eithername. 

Answer: A,D 

Q35. Which three statements are true regarding ACFS snapshots in Oracle 12c ASM? 

A. They are contained in a directory on the same volume as their parent file system. 

B. All ACFS snapshot operations for all filesystem are serialized clusterwide. 

C. You can create a snapshot from an existing snapshot. 

D. They can be administered using ASMCMD. 

E. They can only be accessed when the file system is mounted. 

F. They are always point-in-time copies of the parent file system. 

Answer: B,C,E 


All Oracle ACFS snapshot operations are serialized clusterwide in the kernel. you chose to create a snapshot image on an existing snapshot group, select a snapshot group from the existing snapshot group table (make sure you select a snapshot group that has not reached its maximum limit of snapshot images). 

Before you can access the files on a file system, you need to mount the file system. 


SANtricity_v11.20_Array_Management_Window_Help/create_PIT_image.html (Creating a 

Snapshot image 3rd point, 1st line). (1st paragraph, 1st line). 

Q36. Which two methods exist for enabling the collection of additional resource debugging information for specific resources controlled by Oracle 12c Clusterware? 

A. Use the cluvfy comp command for the specific resource within a component. 

B. Use the crsctl set trace res “resource_name=debugging_level” command. 

C. Use the crsctl set log res “resource_name=debugging_leve2” command. 

D. Set the environment variable _USA_ORA_DEBUG=1 and then stop and restart the resource that requiresresource debugging data to be collected. 

Answer: B,D 

Q37. Which two components must always be defined or specified by an administrator to make an application highly available using Oracle 12c Clusterware? 

A. A Server Pool 

B. an application VIP 

C. an application resource 

D. a resource dependency definition 

E. a script agent 

Answer: B,C 

Q38. Which method can be used to convert a single-instance Oracle 12c Database to a RAC Database? 

A. using DBCA to migrate the database to shared storage and then start one or more RAC databaseinstances on the cluster 

B. using DBCA to create a template from the single-instance database and then to create a RAC database onthe cluster using that template 

C. using the rconfig utility to create a template from the single-instance database and then using DBCA tocreate a RAC database on the cluster using that template 

D. using the rconfig utility to migrate the database to shared storage and then using DBCA to start one ormore RAC database instances on the cluster. 


Q39. Which two statements are true regarding ASM Dynamic Volume manager (ADVM)? 

A. To create an ADVM volume, disk group attributes COMAPTIBLE.ASM and COMPATIBLE.ADVM must beminimally set to 12.1. 

B. An ADVM volume is individually named and can contain only one file system. 

C. Only one ADVM volume can be created in an ASM disk group. 

D. ADVM extends ASM by providing a device driver interface to storage backed by an ASM disk group. 

E. File systems contained in ADVM volumes may only contain database files. 

Answer: B,D 


Each volume is individually named and may be configured for a single file system. Reference: (See Note and the third para from the top.) 

Q40. Examine this query and output: 

SQL> select order_flag, cache_size, session_flag, keep_value, 

2 from user_sequences where sequence_name = ‘SEQ1’; 


-- ---------------- -- -Y 10 N N 

Performance analysis revealed severe SQ enqueue contention on the SEQ1 sequence. 

The SEQ1 sequence is incremented from all instances equally and is frequently used. 

Which two statements should you execute to reduce SQ enqueue contention? 

A. alter sequence seq1 cache 10000; 

B. alter sequence seq1 order; 

C. alter sequence seq1 noorder; 

D. exec sys.dbms_shared_pool.keep (‘SEQ1’, ‘Q’) 

E. alter sequence seq1 keep; 

Answer: A,D 

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