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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Procedure: Using a Responder to block access to a URL from a specific subnet

Create the responder action

In the Expression below, I am creating a HTML response that will respond with the blocked URL, the CLIENT IP and the CLIENT subnet, which is based on a 24-bit mask.

Create a Responder policy

In the expression below, I am checking if the red URL is being accessed and if the subnet (again 24-bit mask) is in the subnet that is not permitted.

Bind the Policy to the vServer

This is a simple process, click the + symbol on Policies, select Responder and bind the responder policy that you’ve created.


From a blocked client

Check the reverse to ensure permitted clients are not blocked. The naming conventions for the NetScaler entities used in this blog post are not recommended in a production environment.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

NetScaler VPX - Initial Configuration

If you haven’t already read my Installing NetScaler VPX on Client Hyper-V (Windows 10) post, start there and come back here when you’re good to go.

What I have done since that post is:

  • I have downloaded an updated version of the NetScaler 11.1, 10.5 was used in that post
  • I have repeated the steps in that post for a second NetScaler so I can configure a HA pair

Initial Configuration

Initially you will want to configure the following:

  • At least one Subnet IP Address (SNIP)
  • The Hostname and DNS Server/s
  • Install the license
  • Configure NTP
  • Change the NSROOT password and optionally add another user to administer the device with

The Welcome wizard makes many of these steps a little easier, I will use the wizard for the steps below but also show you where the configuration is saved by the wizard.

Add a SNIP

1. Click the Subnet IP Address option in the wizard

2. Enter in a SNIP mask combination and click Done

You can check it out later, the above information is saved in System –> Network –> IPs –> IPV4s (shown below)

Configure the Hostname, DNS Servers and Time Zone

1. Click The Host Name, DNS IP Address, and Time Zone step in the wizard

2. Enter a hostname for the NetScaler, Enter at least one DNS Server, select the Time Zone and click Done

3. You will likely be asked to reboot, go ahead and do that

You can check it out later, the Time Zone is saved in System –> Settings (Shown below)

The DNS Server/s are saved in Traffic Management –> DNS  -> Name Servers (Shown below)

The Hostname can be changed at any time by re-entering the welcome wizard or by using the CLI

To quickly view the Hostname, click your username in the top right

License the NetScaler

1. Click the Licenses step in the wizard

2. You have a few options for adding a license. I’m going to use a License Access Code

3. No matter how you add the licenses, you will need to reboot after adding them, so go ahead and do that

4. After restarting, you will be told what you have been licensed for, and the wizard should disappear

Returning to the Wizard

If you want to return to the wizard at any time, select the “Cog” in the top right corner of the menu

Configure NTP

It’s important for your NetScaler to have a reliable time source, so it’s best to configure an NTP server

1. Select Configuration in the top menu

2. Select System and then NTP Servers in the left menu

3. Click Add

4. Enter an NTP server address and click Create

5. Repeat the process for any additional NTP Servers

You may need to enable NTP synchronisation, to do this follow the steps below:

6. Click the Select Action drop down menu

7. Select NTP Synchronisation

8. Select ENABLED and click OK

9. Save your configuration by clicking the Save Configuration icon in the top right

Change the default password

1. Click Configuration in the top menu

2. In the left menu, select System –> User Administration –> Users

3. Select the checkbox next to the nsroot user and click Change Password

IMPORTANT: The nsroot passwords on a HA pair of NetScaler devices must match

You now have a One-Arm NetScaler deployment. In the next post, we will configure High Availability

Thursday, 20 November 2014

My Subnet Calculator

Subnet Calculator
Known IP
Subnet Mask
Subnet Address (AND)
Invert Mask
Broadcast Address (OR)

  1. Enter in the Known IP and subnet mask (only the octet that is not 255 or 0)
  2. Perform an AND operation
  3. Invert the Mask 
  4. Perform an OR operation 
Alternative method
Subnetting from a single host back:
/32 = 1 host (single host)

/31 = 2 hosts (2- 2 = 0 none useable)

/30 = 4 hosts (4 - 2 = 2 usable)

/29 = 8 hosts (8 - 2 = 6 usable)

/28 = 16 hosts (16 -2 = 14 usable and so on…)

/27 = 32 hosts

/26 = 64 hosts

/25 = 128 hosts

/24 = 256 hosts

/23 = 512 hosts

/22 = 1024 hosts

/21 = 2048 hosts
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