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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Procedure: Using a Responder to block access to a URL from a specific subnet

Create the responder action

In the Expression below, I am creating a HTML response that will respond with the blocked URL, the CLIENT IP and the CLIENT subnet, which is based on a 24-bit mask.

Create a Responder policy

In the expression below, I am checking if the red URL is being accessed and if the subnet (again 24-bit mask) is in the subnet that is not permitted.

Bind the Policy to the vServer

This is a simple process, click the + symbol on Policies, select Responder and bind the responder policy that you’ve created.


From a blocked client

Check the reverse to ensure permitted clients are not blocked. The naming conventions for the NetScaler entities used in this blog post are not recommended in a production environment.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Hyper-V Networking (Part 1)

If you are running Hyper-V, one of the most important considerations is networking. Making the wrong design choices when configuring networking can cost you dearly down the track, so here are some guidelines for networking Hyper-V.

Standalone Hyper-V

If you are using Hyper-V in a standalone deployment (i.e. No clustering), you should have two network cards per host:

  • 1 network card for Hyper-V Host Management
  • 1 network card for Hyper-V Virtual Machine traffic. You may also consider teaming for this NIC to increase throughput if you have network intensive workloads
  • You may require an additional 2 network cards for iSCSI if you are not using DAS. If you are using iSCSI on your Hyper-V hosts and you are not using failover clustering you should definitely consider implementing clustering

Clustered Hyper-V

If you are running Hyper-V in a clustered HA environment, you will require additional network cards. You can run a cluster with a minimum of two networks (1 Internal and 1 Public), but it is recommended to have more:

  • 1 Network for Host Management – Configure a default gateway on this NIC, and use either static IPv4 or static IPv6.
  • 1 Network for Virtual Machine Traffic – Select to dedicate this network for Virtual Machine traffic and Hyper-V will automatically unbind all other services from the NIC, leaving only the Virtual Switch. You may also consider teaming for this NIC to increase throughput if you have network intensive workloads running on your Virtual Machines
  • 2 Network cards for iSCSI using MPIO. Connect each NIC to a different switch and a different subnet if possible. Use 10GbE NICs if possible. Do not configure a default gateway on this NIC if it’s not needed. Unbind unnecessary services from the adapter
  • 1 Network for Hyper-V Live Migration. Do not configure a default gateway. Use either static IPv4 or static IPv6, but IPv6 is ideal here because there are no client considerations. You may also consider teaming for this NIC to decrease the time it takes to Live Migrate a virtual machine. You may consider combining this with the CSV network as you will not frequently have heavy CSV traffic WITH heavy Live Migration Traffic
  • 1 Cluster Shared Volume Network. Do not configure a default gateway. Use either static IPv4 or static IPv6
  • 1 Internal Cluster Network. Do not configure a default gateway. Use either static IPv4 or static IPv6

More details on how to configure Hyper-V networking in part two of this series.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Got a NAS

Storage has always been a problem for me at home. In my personal PC I have 3 x 320 GB HDDs and a 320GB USB backup drive. Even though I only backup critical data, the backup drive hasn't been doing the job lately. I decided a while back I would need a NAS not only for my growing backup requirements, but also for my study (WCS, Virtualisation, etc..). I really liked the look of the Netgear ReadyNAS, I configured one on the job not long ago and I was really impressed. That was until I saw the price! The Netgear ReadyNAS is waaay too overpriced... It's crazy. So I had a look around and eventually ended up picking the WD Sharespace. It had the right price point and the right amount of storage. Sure it's missing some of the more advanced features, but I don't need most of them.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Monitoring the network subsystem (MCP Series)

The best two performance counters to use when monitoring the network subsystem of a computer are:
  • TCPv4 - Segments/Sec
  • Network Interface - Bytes Total/Sec
TCPv4 - Segments/Sec monitors the number of bytes that pass the network interface using the TCP protocol and Network Interface - Bytes Total/Sec monitors the number of bytes that pass a network interface.

Monday, 23 July 2007

UNC Path (MCP Series)

UNC (Universal Naming Convention) Path is a common syntax to describe the path of a network resource. The Windows UNC follows this syntax:

UNC paths are more reliable than mapped network drives because they work regardless of operating system or configuration.

Saturday, 21 April 2007

Getting the most from my PS3

There are a few things I like about the PS3 and there are a few things I'd like to see improved. I love the fact that I can store all my music on the PS3 and play it on the home theatre or my PSP. I also love the fact that I can play with the dog outside and fast forward songs playing on the PS3 with the SIXAXIS controller.

I wish I could use the remote control headphones for PSP to fast forward songs when playing with remote play. I also wish the PS Store had more content! The content they have on there just isn't enough. I found a solution for that problem though.

I created another account and then created a new PlayStation Network account. This time I faked that I was living in the US. There were some tricky questions in there, especially when it came to the address page. I was able to fake that I was living in the US using the US Postal Service website to get a zip code for a US city.

On a slightly different topic. I was looking at the upcoming games for PS3 and one game in particular caught my attention. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is looking like the makings of a great game, be sure to check it out.
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